08-16/32 U-RT

High performance – cyclic acting levelling, lining and tamping machine for plain line track


The design concept of this machine provides an uniform standard vehicle with well proven reliable working units. The 08-16/32 U-RT features tamping banks in special design, providing the opportunity to tamp either only one sleeper or on track sections with almost regular sleeper spacing two sleepers at a time. This makes the machine very flexible for the user. Furthermore, the concept enables to fit a wide range of optional equipment to tailor the machine in accordance with the client’s specific demands. 08-16/32 U-RT stands for a machine guaranteeing efficient track maintenance with highest quality, safety and cost-efficiency primarily engaged in track maintenance of main lines and rural lines, track renewals or in combination with ballast cleaning work.

The 08-16/32 U-RT in brief

  • Cyclic acting track tamping machine with incorporated Automatic Guiding Computer ALC
  • Examples of possible optional equipment are: the brush box, the electric track parameter recorder DAR incl. measuring devices, the combined levelling & lining sighting laser HRL or the workshop cabin

The 08-16/32 U-RT is designed in compliance with Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2400, issue 2 and all other European Standards relevant to on-track maintenance plant.

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