The concept of the Plasser 09-2X/IR tamping machine is based on the fully approved 09-3X design. The new feature of the Plasser 09-2X/IR tamping express is the 2-sleeper tamping bank arrangement, which enables either two sleepers to be tamped in one operation resulting in higher tamping performance, or only one sleeper in case sleeper spacing becomes irregular or the machine has to work on track sections with skewed sleepers. Each tamping bank can be lifted and lowered individually to provide maximum flexibility during tamping on maintenance or renewals jobs, which makes the 09-2X/IR very versatile for the user.

This means a wide range of application for the 09-2X-IR:

  • For track maintenance and track renewal work
  • As a continuous action two sleeper tamper
  • As a continuous action single sleeper tamper
  • If required, as a conventional cyclic tamper

The most significant advantages of the Plasser 09-2X/IR tamping express compared to standard plain line tampers are:

  • Increased output of > 30% compared to continuous action single sleeper tampers and 50% compared to conventional cyclic acting tamping machines
  • Highest quality & durability of work due to 2-sleeper tamping
  • The highest versatility currently available for the user
  • Comprehensive optional equipment is available
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