About Us

Each member of our staff is your partner

Our aim is to work together with our customers as partners to achieve the highest levels of performance from their machines. We do not consider ourselves only as suppliers, but as committed problem-solvers, with every member of staff doing their part. This involves close cooperation with the design engineers and the research and development departments at Plasser & Theurer. Our many years of practical experience go directly into the development of new solutions, to the benefit of our customers.

Whether it is support in planning the best way to use a machine, advice on its operation, or help with a malfunction, our technical service staff understand what delays can mean to you react immediately. As your first choice service provider, we want to help you to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in your use of your machines.

Plasser UK Ltd. employ fully trained technicians who meet the most stringent industry requirements. We pride ourselves in a broad skill base, ensuring that there is always a specialist available for all machine categories.

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