Plasser UK occupy an extensive site covering almost 4 acres. The site has been a railway works for 150 years, and in Plassers' use since 1969. It has direct access to the Great Western Main Line and is well located mid way between Central London and Heathrow Airport.

Our facility at West Ealing has workshops with four pit roads, 250m of covered track, 10 locomotive  jacks, large overhead cranes (25 T and 10 T), fork-lift trucks, welding equipment and all other plant and equipment necessary for repair, overhaul and maintenance of  On-track machinery.

The workshop is supported by an extensive stores with all the necessary spare parts and the backup of the OEM to supply quickly any unusual items that would not normally be held in the UK.

Operations are complemented by a comprehensive ERP IT system for managing the work and ensuring that all necessary paperwork is correctly handled.

Photo Gallery of Main Facilities

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