Until the middle of the 20th century, track laying and track maintenance required heavy manual labour. Work sites were characterised by manual methods of work that made large numbers of staff necessary. Today, railway construction is among the most efficient industrial sectors with the highest level of automation.

The beginnings of Plasser UK Ltd are marked in the end of fifties (1957-1959), where the first machines were ordered and delivered to the UK: VKR 01 and VKR 03. Since then, we witnessed an impressive growing of the business, leading the market to a place where our machines define quality and performance.
Plasser UK occupy an extensive site covering almost 4 acres, in West Ealing, London. The site has been a railway works for 150 years, and it is in Plassers' use since 1969.
Plasser UK continues to offer the same support network of spares sales, maintenance contracts, training, Robel small plant sales & support, all of which have grown to keep pace throughout these years of growth. The company is in a strong and healthy position, ready to meet the challenges of the new railway industry in the 21st century.

BS EN ISO 9001:2018 (Quality Management System)

BS EN ISO 14001:2018 (Environment Management System)

BS EN ISO 27001:2013 (IT security Management System)

BS EN ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health Management System)


Certified ECM (Entities in Charge of Maintenance)

Certified EN 15085-2 Welding of Railway Vehicles

2 x 08-4X4 Tampers

Celebration of 60 years in UK

8 x 09-4X4/4S Tampers

CROSSRAIL Maintenance

System Comprising:

Power Car Type-A

2 x Power Car Type-B

2 x Transport Wagon

Power Car Type-E

Measuring Wagon

ISO 9001 and ISO 18001

Enhanced program of energy monitoring and analysis, resulting in a 40% reduction in usage of Gas and Electricity.

UMH Material Handling

MFS+ Material Handling

Unimat 09-4x4/4S Continuous Action Plainline & S&C tamper

HOBCS-5 Comprising:

2 x RM 900-RT Ballast Cleaner

09-2X/CM Consolidation machine

PW Spoil System Power Vehicle

NB-PW New Ballast System Power Vehicle

20 x MFS-D Single Line Ballast Transfer System

8 x MFS-SB Swivel Belt Single Line Ballast Transfer System

2 x 09-2X DYN 2 sleeper continuous action tamper with DTS

09-3X DYN 3 sleeper continuous action tamper with DTS

USP5000 Regulator

USP6000 3rd Rail Regulator

Following Environmental Policy installed 408 Solar Panels, which generate enough electricity to power 360 homes. 97% waste to energy generates enough electricity to power 5,040 homes

MFS-D Single Line Ballast Transfer Systems

UMH Material Handling

MFS+ Material Handling

8 x 69.70 UK MMS Mobile Maintenance System

Implementation of Corporate Responsibility Statement (CSR)

Unimat 09-4x4/4S Continuous Action Plainline & S&C tamper

08-275 NX S&C Tamper

ISO 18001 achieved

RM-90-IR Cleaner

Celebration of 50 years in the UK

09-3X DYN 3 sleeper continuous action tampers with DTS

08-4x4/4S-RT Tampers P&C

USP 5000 RT Regulators

09-CM Dynamic RT Plain Line Tamper & DTS

09-2X-IR Tamper Plain Line

VM80 Cleaners

ISO 14001 achieved

HOBCS-4 Comprising

36 x MFS-D Material Handling

2 x RM 900-RT Ballast Cleaner

PW-RT Power Vehicle

NPW-RT Material Handling

8 x MFS-SB Swivel Belt Single Line Ballast Transfer System

08-4X4/4S-IR Tamper Universal

Main Workshop further Extended to cater for large machines

08-275/4ZW Metro Tamper

08-4x4/4S-RT Tamper P&C

09-3X DYN 3 sleeper continuous action tamper with DTS

DTS 62N Track Stabilizer

USP 5000 RT Regulator

RM90 Ballast Cleaner

AFM2000 RT Ballast Finishing Machine

HOBC Contracts commence.

ISO 9001 achieved

09-3X DYN 3 sleeper continuous action tamper with DTS

EM-SAT 100 RT Geometry Cars

RM900 Ballast Cleaner

Fully Integrated IT system introduced

USP5000 RT Regulator

Series 3 MFS Fleet with Power Wagons

Network Rail take over national rail network from Railtrack.

UFM160 High Speed Measuring Car

Compact Tampers 08 4X4/C100

08-2X Tamper

Series 2 GWS75

Re-engineering of three Underground tampers over 5 years

RM95 Ballast Cleaner

09-3X 3 sleeper continuous action tamper

Series 2 MFS Fleet

Compact Tampers 08 4X4/C80

08-16(32) Tamper

APT500L Flash Butt Welding Machine

“RT” machine delivery begins, with major customers now requesting maintenance contract packages

RT Series 08 and 09 Tampers (08-16, 08-32, 09-32, 08 4X4/4S)

GWS75 Mini Tampers

New “RT” Series machines developed and orders placed. New VAB approvals standards introduced by Railtrack fundamentally change machine acceptance processes.

MFS/NFS Ballast Handling Wagons with Power Wagons

Major refits of 07s commenced to extend life during privatisation process

Maintenance Contract pilot completed with excellent results.

Agency established for sister company Robel.

08 16-SP4 Tamper

Diversification during Rail Privatisation – Major contract for London Underground rolling stock.

SSP500 Regulator

Maintenance Contract Pilot with BR Southern Region

Dynamic Track Stabiliser Type DGS 62N

Series 4 GP-TRAMM’S

08-16/90 Tamper


Production of fleet of G P Trams begins at West Ealing.

08-275 Tampers

09 CSM Continuous Action Tampers

SCPV 14, PV5 Special OLE Machines.

Long Welded Rail Trains

Track and Services Car TASC

Rail Mounted Excavator Type EPV 360

General Purpose Crane type GPC 38

Major workshop extension.

Production of first Stoneblower PBI 84


Stoneblower Type PBI 84

Rail joint Treatment System STRAIT

Design Lining System DRIVER

General Purpose Track Maintenance Machine Type GP-TRAMM

Single Line Ballast Cleaning Skip System

Rail Profiler Type RPM 100

Rail Changer Type RCM 100

Handing over to BR of 500th Plasser machine delivered within UK.

Dynamic Track Stabiliser Type DGS 32N

Twin Jib Track Layer Type TJC 60

Ballast Cleaner Type RM74

Double Head Tamper Type MU 07-32

Automatic Design Lining System Type DLT

General Purpose Crane Type GPC 72

Commencement of machine production

New Technical Centre and Design Office.

Lifting and Slewing Machine Type HGR 230

Self-Propelled Trolley Type OBW 8

Handing of 300th Plasser machine to British Rail.

Ballast Regulator Type USP 5000 C

Switch and Crossing Tamper Type PLM 07-275

Ballast Regulator Type USP 4000 C

Tamper Type MU 07-16

Extension of stores and machine shop.

Joint Tamper Type UJT 16

Continuous Liner Type AL 250

Major extension, doubling workshop floor area.

Installation of Stock Control computer.


Move to former Civil Engineers workshop at West Ealing following extensive adaptations.

Combined Tamper/Liner Type UT 06-16 CTM

Crib and Shoulder Consolidator Type VDM 800 U

Combined Tamper/Liner Type 06-32 SLC

Ballast Regulator Type USP 3000 C

Double Head Tamper Type DUOMATIC 06-32

Switch and Crossing Tamper Type PLM 275

Co-operation with Rolls Royce, Shrewsbury, regarding machine production.

Ballast Cleaner Type RM62

First Tamper Type VKR 05E

Liner Type AL 203

First Tamper Type VKR 04

Formation of company with office in London and workshop/stores in Northampton.

Lifting/Slewing Machine Type HM 300 ST

Shoulder Ballast Cleaner Type SV 52

Tamper Type VKR 03

Tamper Type VKR 01