Single Line Spoil Handling System – Power Wagon

The single line spoil handling system power wagon SLSHS-PW (later “PW”) is designed for pushing MFS-units forming a material handling system during working operation and for transferring spoil coming from the high output ballast cleaner RM 900 (-RT) or the high capacity single screen ballast cleaners type RM 95-RT and RM 90 NR to the MFS- units.

The PW is a 3-bogie type vehicle designed in compliance with Railway Group Standard RGS GM/RT 2400, issue 5 and consists of powered 2-axle bogies, a machine frame with conveyor belts and a large cabin. The traction drive of the PW is designed for working speed in conjunction with MFS-units (approx. 2 kph with coupled MFS-units) and for moving the PW without haulage (approx. 20 kph).

Spoil coming from the ballast cleaning machine is transported by the receiving conveyor belt, an intermediate conveyor belt to the transfer conveyor belt and sent from there to the MFS-units.

The receiving conveyor belt is mechanically connected to the transfer conveyor belt of the ballast cleaner, but the PW is not coupled to the cleaner. Both machines are linked with a control cable. An electro-mechanical traction control system on the PW maintains a dedicated distance range between the ballast cleaner and the PW during work. At a pre-set minimum distance the hydrostatic traction drive of the PW will be activated and stopped at a maximum distance leading the ballast cleaning machine.

The PW is controlled by 1 operator in the cabin for supervision.

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