URM 700

The all-round talent for ballast cleaning

The URM 700 universal ballast cleaning machine is our new multitalent for ballast bed cleaning. The new excavating unit can vary the excavation width infinitely. There is no need to dig an entry hole for the guide bar, in preparation.

The URM 700 is a good example of the innovative spirit in our company. New machine models are tested thoroughly under true worksite conditions before they are handed over to our customers.

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Excavating chain in guide bar design.

The design of the new excavating unit is in the shape of a sword, incorporating a horizontally circuiting excavating chain, and is slewed either to the right or to the left under the skeleton track. Due to this pivoting suspension it is possible to carry out an infinite variation of the excavating width in continuous working action. When slewed in, the excavating guide bar is stabilised by a holder at the other end. This makes possible a higher working capacity. Shoulder excavating units prepare the installation of the guide bar and pick up the excavated ballast during working operation.

Modular ballast cleaning system.

A screening car for thorough cleaning of the ballast is part of the system. The material conveyor and hopper units are equally important. They guarantee efficient material logistics and the continuous working mode of the URM 700.

Methods of operation.

The URM 700 system can perform all standard working methods of on-track ballast cleaning, particularly ballast cleaning in turnouts and plain track. In addition to this, it is able to clean only the ballast shoulders. The supply of new ballast is an integral feature of the design in all variations and it is also possible to perform a full exchange of the ballast.

Due to the fast and independent installation and removal of the excavating guide bar, the URM 700 can also work cost-effectively on short sections of track (spot cleaning).