09-3X Dynamic Tamping Express

Continuous action 3-sleeper levelling, lining and tamping machine with integrated Dynamic Track Stabilisation (DTS)

The 09-3X/RT is the modern successor of the well proven 09-CSM type machines. It represents the results of long years experience in operation and development of continuous action tamping technology, which enables a further increase in tamping performance and quality (performance up to 40% higher compared to 09-CSM machines). The new feature of the 09-3X-RT tamping express are the 3-sleeper tamping banks, which enable for the first time three sleepers to be tamped in one operation resulting not only in higher tamping performance, but also in considerably increased tamping quality. Furthermore, each tamping bank can be lifted and lowered individually to be able to tamp single sleepers on tracks with irregular sleeper spacings.

A further step in development was to integrate the Dynamic Track Stabilisation (DTS) into the machine to create the 09-3X Dynamic RT enabling to operate 2 machines in one without additional staff. The DTS technology for rapid and controlled 3-dimensional consolidation of track combined with state of the art track tamping methodology allows up to 30% enlargement of track tamping intervals and thus considerable reduction in maintenance & renewals cost.

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The 09-3X Dynamic RT in brief

  • Track tamping & DTS machine with incorporated Automatic Guiding Computer ALC
  • A wide variation of options is available to tailor the machine to the client´s demands
  • Examples are: the electric track parameter recorder DAR incl. measuring devices, the combined levelling & lining sighting laser HRL, the measuring & recording system for the lateral resistance of track (RLD) after stabilisation or the workshop cabin

The 09-3X Dynamic RT is designed in compliance with Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2400, issue 2 and all other European Standards relevant to ontrack maintenance plant.