08-16 4x4 C100

Universal levelling, lining and tamping machine

The concept of the 08-COMPACT C100 series provides an uniform standard vehicle with well proven reliable working units. Furthermore the 08-C100 stands for a medium range and compact tamping machine for efficient track maintenance with highest quality, safety and cost-efficiency primarily engaged in track maintenance of main lines and rural lines, track renewals or in combination with ballast cleaning work. Furthermore this design concept provides the option of an integrated machine trailer.

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  • "08" stands for the modern successor of the well known 07 type machines, which were delivered in considerable numbers to the UK.
  • "16" stands for the well proven single sleeper tamping banks carrying a total of 16 tamping tools
  • "C" stands for COMPACT machine design without trailer
  • "100" stands for a self-propelled travel speed of 100 km/h (about 60 mph)
  • "RT" stands for compliance with relevant railway group standards

The 4-axle bogie type universal tamping machine 08-16 / C100-RT for working on plain track and switches & crossings is designed to run self-propelled on track with a maximum speed of 100 km/h (about 60 mph) outside possessions. The machine complies with railway group standard GM/RT 2400 in all respects, featuring a frame strength to withstand 120 t compression force and 150 t pulling force as well as the front and rear cabin designed to the necessary requirements.

Split head tamping units with a total of 16 tamping tines. The 4 tamping units, which carry 4 tamping tines each, can be moved, both vertically and horizontally, independently from each other This enables all areas of S&Cs and plain line track with check rails to be tamped simultaneously, thus providing significantly increased output.

The lifting and lining unit consists of a separate frame holding one inner flanged roller and a pair of roller clamps per rail.

The brush box with cross conveyor belts (optional)