Unimat 08-275 NX

High capacity universal levelling, lining & tamping machine for switches & crossings (S&C) and plain line track suitable for operation on Nexus rail infrastructure (Tyne & Wear Metro, Newcastle, UK)

“The tamping machine for efficient treatment of all types of S&C layouts & plain line track on Tyne & Wear Metro”

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The Plasser 08-275 NX machine has been designed to meet all requirements for a modern universal tamping machine working on a metro rail infrastructure with its specifics such as low axle loads, narrow structure & kinematic gauges and tight track curves.

The 08-275 NX machine concept derives partly from other universal tamping machines in compliance with Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2400 such as the Unimat 08-RT, the 08-16 4x4/C80-RT and the 08-16 4x4/C100-RT series as well as many other machines specifically build for maintaining metro track infrastructure.

The 6-axle bogie type Plasser 08-275 NX tamping machine consists of a main machine holding the universal tamping banks with tiltable tines, the lifting and lining unit, the operator’s cabin as well as the measuring systems for longitudinal track level and alignment. The integrated trailer attached to the main machine is equipped with a brush box and a large workshop & welfare cabin. Cabins on both ends equipped with driver & operator’s posts are standard equipment. The machine is designed to run self-propelled on track with a maximum speed of 80 kph. The machine complies with Railway Group Standard (RGS) GM/RT 2400, issue 4 as far as applicable for operation on the Nexus infrastructure.

In order to maintain axle loads of 12.5t the machine frame and other structure such as cabins are tailored to this specific requirement. Still a frame featuring a strength to withstand 100 t compression force and 100 t pulling force as well as dealing with the high forces when lifting, lining and tamping concrete bearers is provided. The windows of the driver’s & operator’s cabins are fully in compliance with RGS requirements.

An extensive range of further equipment and optional equipment is provided to meet the requirements of the Nexus specification.

Furthermore, following components/systems of the machine are filled with biodegradable PANOLIN oils:

  • Diesel engine
  • ZF-power shift transmission gear box
  • Pump distributor gear box
  • Axle gear boxes