Unimat 08-4x4/4S

Perfect maintenance of switches & crossings (S&C)

The machines of the Unimat 08-RT series have been an important innovative step towards maintenance of modern high capacity S&Cs. The heavier designs of S&Cs due to the use of concrete sleepers and heavy duty rails can be treated effectively and carefully with the 4S tamping banks in split design, the use of the 3-rail lifting device, the pivoting suspension of the tamping banks and the large distance between king pin centres of bogies.

Preserving the above mentioned constructional features, the Unimat 08-RT series represent a further step towards perfecting the maintenance of S&Cs. Apart from the quality of work, which can be achieved by the Unimat 08-RT, this is also shown by the fact that the time needed for tamping an S&C with the Unimat is usually up to 20% shorter compared to conventional tamping machines.

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The 08-4x4/4S-RT in brief

  • Universal S&C and track tamping machine with incorporated Automatic Guiding Computer ALC
  • A wide variation of options is available to tailor the machine to the client’s demands
  • Examples are: the brush box, the electric track parameter recorder DAR incl. measuring devices, the combined levelling & lining sighting laser HRL or the workshop cabin

The Unimat 08-4x4/4S-RT is designed in compliance with Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2400, issue 2 and all other European Standards relevant to on-track maintenance plant.